Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After 10 Long Nights and 11 Days ...

Gabrielle is home ... at last. Not the scare we were fearing, but our little girl was put through the ringer. God, we healthy people take our strength and resiliency for granted.

Here are some pictures of her in the neighbourhood around BC Children's Hospital. Almost the only thing that she tolerated by the end of her stay was being pushed around and seeing the sites. After hearing how I pushed her around and around and around all day, and seeing her gripping the chair with her little afghan on lap, Grandpa Wayne nailed it when he said, "It's kinda like Driving Miss Daisy." Indeed! 


  1. Yay for Gabby and family! Very happy to hear that she is home again.

  2. That makes me laugh!! Little Granny Gabby!! You certainly know what you like!
    Love Auntie Julie xoxo

  3. After peaking at the first video it looks like she is teaching you how to 'stop and smell the roses' except in Gabby's style it is 'stop and play with the wildflowers'. Moments like those are precious.

  4. I love how Gabrielle is cheering her big brothers on! Miss you all! xoxo


  5. I was having some Gabrielle withdrawal so I had to check out the blog. I adore the video of her playing with the flowers! Give her a big hug from me and I will see you guys on the 10th!