Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 2012

We've had such a great month with Gabrielle at home.  She's fought off a couple of colds and with each cold gone we sigh a big sigh of relief.  We are continually reminded of how precious life is and I never forget to hold her tight and enjoy the sweet smell of her skin and hair.  Love.

I could update about the numerous physiotherapy appointments and doctors appointments, new equipment and talk about her weight and growth, but it's not all that important.  Instead I focus on the number of laughs in a day, nice walks outside, good fresh food and time with the people who love her.  
Gabby and Jonny hanging on the floor

Lots of time spent outside at the parks and going for walks

More walking in the neighbourhood

Watching cartoons with big brother Michael

Gabrielle loves music!

More fun at the park watching Michael play

Like I said, lots of time outdoors!

Little brother Jonny - 4 months

East White Rock skateboarders 

Playing with Dad


  1. Oh my gosh, she's so darn adorable with Daddy's guitar! Looks like her baby brother, whose also so darn adorable, enjoys it too. I know you don't know me, but I follow your blog from the states. (I've commented before - I'm the one whose son had the brain tumor) I enjoy reading your monthly posts that focus just on Gabby's everyday life.

  2. Such beautiful photos! I feel like if I was ever having a bad day, i would only need to spend 5 minutes with Gabrielle and she would brighten it instantly :)

  3. I really love the photo of the four kids lined up on the floor. Gabrielle looks like she's cracking up in that photo. Thanks for posting these photos. I love looking at Gabrielle's eyes, such beauty and wisdom in those eyes.

  4. What a beautifull family! I'm Reading in tears... Our dauther Maartje just had been diagnosed with i-cell. She is just 1 year and looks sooo mutch like your sweet gabrielle!!!! Love u all

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