Thursday, March 28, 2013

Powerchair Football

This past weekend we stayed at Canuck Place for respite. It was an awesome break and we met one of the most fantastic guys ever in John (pic to right) who was also in-house for the holiday. He sat beside James for several hours teaching him how to play Monopoly with all the "big kids" ... I don't think we've seen James that happy in a long time. He was also an incredible role model, offering reasons why the things we were telling him (like eat your veggies, use your manners, etc.) were important.

When my boys grow up I hope they're as kind, considerate, and sociable as John.

He also explained to us that he plays Power Football and (quite nonchalantly) showed us a video of his team being showcased on the Rick Mercer show.

I don't think 6 minutes of TV has ever made me so happy. I thought I would share it here.

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