Sunday, May 19, 2013

Angel Amber

If you will, please take a minute or ten to say a prayer or send some loving energy to a beautiful family who lost their darling Amber to this wretched I-Cell disease today.

They just seem like such wonderful parents, and their children are such dolls. When I look at pictures of Schuyler and Luke, I see so much of Amy and I when we first met ... and ... well ... we were young and dumb, and they seem so wise and strong and are going through the absolute worst. Please just hold them in your thoughts for a good while when you read this.

Life is so short. All we have is time.


  1. I know this family and love this family and just want to thank you for posting this about them. They are a beautiful family. Amber is as precious as you can imagine and had a personality to melt your heart. We will miss her so.

  2. RIP sweet beautiful Amber. You will be missed more then you will know. I will miss seeing your mamma post pictures of your beautiful smile, and long hair and your goofy spirited personality. You are free if this dreadful disease and I will pray for your brother and your mom and dad as they learn to live without you.

  3. Cherish every moment. I-Cell disease is already so heartbreaking, but in a young couple with two I-Cell children, the loss seems too great. They have been in my thoughts constantly.

    -Matt Watson

  4. Thank you, Regan, Schuyler and Luke are pretty amazing in my book, as are the rest of you who have been given these amazing little ones to cherish and enjoy for such a short time. I am grateful for the support group, for finding videos in the beginning that gave us hope (Carter, Sam, and Claire- the phone call). My heart is broken and our house is just so quiet. Thank you Amy and Regan for expressing thoughts and feelings so well.