Friday, May 31, 2013

Granny Gabby

Oh Granny Gabby, you make us laugh so much.  You look just like a little Granny when we put your new glasses on and go for walks.   Just look at you.  You are adorable.

Going for a walk with my brother who always chews his blanket.  Won't take a bottle or a soother but he'll take a blanket!

Story time with my cousins.  I can see the book really well but I'll still just look at you mom.

Granny Gabby getting her eyes tested.

But...she was much more interested in looking at the cute doctor.

Dinosaurs are funny.


  1. Love her hands on the arms of her chair! So granny-ish and Gabby-ish!
    Love Auntie Julie xo

  2. Oh my Gosh! She looks so freaking cute! Do these glasses turn into shades in the sun? Is she keeping them on? I love Granny Gabby.

  3. I love these pictures - so unbelievably cute!!!