Friday, July 19, 2013

Michael 4, Jonny 1

One year ago my love and attachment for my little girl grew to a whole new level.

She was so sick that we had to take her to the hospital and I had to spend -- except for a couple day breaks where I got to home to rest and recover -- the entire time with her because Amy just couldn't: she was full term and scheduled for a c-section with Jonathan that very week. The wonderful twist of fate was that Amy was at BC Women's Hospital and Gabby was at BC Children's Hospital, which are both in the same super-big medical complex, and we were, in a way, able to bring Jonathan into the world under the same roof. Every morning she woke up that week she saw me in the room, and every night that week I cuddled and sang her to sleep.

And from that week on, Gabby was a Daddy's girl. She so had me wrapped around her little finger. From that week on she cried whenever she saw me – like screamed and cried – until I came over and picked her up and gave her cuddles and kisses. It was so consistent that I couldn't let her see me in the room when she was with the nurses, and there were a few times Gabby's nurses let out a quiet sigh when I walked up into the room (no one likes hearing an angel cry).

Yesterday was Michael's birthday. He's four. Today is Jonathan's birthday. He's one. They are so healthy. They are so wonderful.

I look back at this video from a year ago and wish I could jump back in time. I wish I could spend that week again with my little girl. She was so sick. I want to take care of her more, but here I am, stuck in time.

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  1. I love this video. James commenting how he's "allergic to pictures" is sooo funny and I miss Michael's cute little giggle so much. Gabby looks perfect and the pictures of the boys at their birthdays are really special. You guys are always in my thoughts. Much love, Clare x