Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Price of Perspective

There's not much to say right now.

I wish I could find the interview from Writers & Company. Basically a world-renowned author said something like "Oh the price we pay in pain to be able to write what we do." Perspective. This made sense to me.

We played this song at Gabrielle's service. I like it. As well as the second song that follows. It reminds me of her life. For anyone who's still reading this... here you go.


-- EDIT --

OK, so I'm pretty sure if Gabby were here and could talk she'd say something like, "OMG Dad, would you please play this song and pick me up and dance!"


  1. I still check the blog everyday when I get home from work not to miss the opportunity of reading a new post, or re-reading the latest entry. Overcome With Light reminds of sitting with Gabby (her in the excersaucer, myself perched on the foot stool) in the lounge feeding her Greek Vanilla yoghurt after waking up from her afternoon nap; whilst Amy would take Michael and Jonny to pick James up from kindergarten. Promising neither of us would tell anyone she wasn't gobbling down the yoghurt sat in the highchair or with a bib on either! And quickly wiping rosy cheeks and youghurt covered lips and cleaning up the yoghurt drops made from flying arms trying to swipe the spoon; that's what you call living dangerously. Miss you Gab xo

  2. I also check this blog every day. Thank you for continuing to share your story with us xo

  3. We are in Ireland with an I Cell infant and we check it everyday too.

  4. Ryan, I still continue to pray daily for you and Amy and your beautiful boys, that you will have strength and peace in your life.
    It is a blessing to have known Gabrielle through this blog.
    God bless!

  5. Reading you and Amy's words is like a prayer and a Holy book for me. Many times I have prayed that I be able to make choices as wise and spiritually rich as you and your family.
    I attend a study circle about different believes about life and life after this material one. I shared your blog many times. Because it was as an example of whom we all strive to be like. Thank you and thank heavens for Gabrielle.

  6. I've never replied to comments before, but I just want to say how great these ones were to read. Thanks.

    And to our Irish friends, I'm trying to convince Amy we should go there to visit my relatives in Cork before they pass on. If we go, we'll post on here to let you know.

  7. I oftentimes think of Gabby and of you and your family. Just knowing Gabby through this blog, I still tear up when I think of her gone. But she really did have a HUGE impact on people, so many people! I am grateful that you put this blog up. I got to meet your beautiful family and I appreciate my little 22 month old that much more. You have touched so many lives, Reagan and Amy. Thank you.