Tuesday, January 15, 2013


More ba ba ba's
More banging on your food tray
More peak a boo's
More ah's
More 'dancing' on the floor
More clapping hands
More time to read your favourite books
More walks
More yummy food,
More sunshine on your face,
More kisses and tickles,
More chances to go swimming,
More time to play with your brothers, your cousins, your aunties and uncles and grandparents,
More time to achieve milestones,
More smiles, laughing and being goofy,
More time for me to dress you up in your pretty dresses that hang in your closet,
and your adorable little shoes,
More warm bubble baths,

I realized very quickly Friday night that all we have is time.  Thank you for fighting so hard.

Welcome home sweet baby girl.  We love you.

Leaving BC Children's Hospital


  1. Hooray for all those "mores"!! Glad to hear you're home again with Gabby. Finish getting all the way better and then stay healthy, sweet girl! Praying for you all. <3

  2. So great to hear! Wishing Gabrielle and your family many more mores!

  3. Ah. Amy you have such a way with words. I am so thrilled to read that Gabrielle is home where she belongs. Love Lesley.

  4. Words cannot describe how truly heartwarming your post is. With ICell babies...time usually seems like the enemy. But you give time a whole new perspective. I wish I could of had more of your positive attitude. Take care, and enjoy every moment of this precious time with sweet Gabrielle <3