Sunday, January 27, 2013

Moving on...

We've learned the lesson that life goes on many a time throughout Gabrielle's life.  And it does.  It doesn't even give you time to recover after the trauma of thinking you were going to lose your child in the ICU.  Gabrielle recovered, we thanked the universe for more time and we brought her home. We are so grateful.  Nobody, was happier then Gabrielle to be back in her warm, cozy loving home.  With all the nasty flu viruses and colds going around, we continue to enjoy many, many moments with our beautiful girl.  Did I mention how grateful I am?  

Warning: a barrage of pictures sent from family, nurses and taken ourselves are about to appear:)

One happy, exhausted daddy and his girl are leaving the hospital.
The siblings reunite!
The real story:)
Getting inspired at Oprah.
Going for a walk with her nurse.
"Purpose is spirit seeking expression". Oprah

A day trip to the city with the boys.
Gabrielle visiting the pet shop.


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  2. Gabrielle looks so grown up. And I love how Jonathon is camouflaging into the yellow blanket there!

  3. Gabrielle looks so pretty on her walk outing! How did she like the pet store? That's so cute!!

  4. She looks fantastic in the photo with the pink coat and boots out for a walk with her nurse. Little baby model!
    Gwyneth x